To-do-list fanatic

I’ve used up notebooks for to-do list and if I could improve my to-do list here are the rules I need to stick with. The rules are best learn via failure to do so and LAMENTING about the poor quality.

  1. neat handwriting
  2. numbering for easy identification
  3. Whimsical to-do list must be marked with star. They may need to be taken care of before doing a high priority one. If you move straight to high-priority ones, you may lose steam
  4. After writing all down, collapse them into one and see if I can avoid or best, find shortcut
  5. Low priority vs high priority distinction may not come clearly at insufficient information or you may change them later on. Write low-priorities & long term on “second” section of to-do list notebook so that you can classify what is your random passion in the form of “to-do- list” or real stuff that your mind is telling you to do.
    low priority and long-term: idea……high priority short term : attetion!
  6. Turn the to-do-list into an daily episode cut like animation. Give it a title and a subtitle of the day summarizing what I did


Or replace all this with voice recorder.


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