Dear Technology,

Innovation is compatibility between two publicly recognized activities and the demonstrated compatibility gets attention from the community that participate in/feel attached to the activities.

Baby boomer vs. millennieal. there are treatment and expectations seniors have about employees. Our work space has changed and we are in the midst of mixing things up, not solidifying,

What we do the most is social media, use of language to soften people up,

get people bonding started,

then when network forms

A. Showing/demonstrating is superior to describing
B. Communication is organizing key terms specific to audience

1. analogy of job landing to a flight.

2.communication during first job teaches you about the political system. how accurate is your interpretation of communication signals?

3. airline involved with repairment and maintainence.

4. attributes you can clearly identify will help others find you and use you effectively (blind man and his lamp)
5. importance of network for validation of idea, small steps at a time, and the open doors for accepting opportunities

6. how do you build the muscle tissue around bones, the thoeretical stuff learned in school or off the street?


government mandated lessons to distribute information, big companies need more energy organizing the distributionof info.


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