Too advanced technology

Old homes can upgrade to high energy-efficient system but rising generations are quicker to respond by building out their own new green kingdom.
the drip irrigation system as intelligent landscape watering automation
and low-flow shower and faucet heads as energy- and water-efficient appliances
demonstrate that post-technology assessment shows humans overshoot their technological capabilities.

a design element of a new eco-home, can be another way of approaching the home energy puzzle. Software and hardware to enable electric vehicle to building connections for energy storage and management will be increasingly more important as more EVs and smart homes enter the market.

own health and nutrition are overemphasized and people tend to shoot for organics without realizing the potential waste they are creating. aquaponics and soil investment are great. However, greenhouse have high failure rate and the concept sounds romantic but more effective is investing in a system that people can go. The idea of going to a center to experience other people’s work without worrying about someone stealing his or her item is because americans love to invest their OWN and not take PARTS.

Lights are unncessary RELATIVE to those under limited light condition

Running waters are excessive RELATIVE to those walking by foot to contain water from well

Think how many of your possessions you don’t use and end up wasting its capability. Depending on how we use the product, the values are either unlocked or lost to what I call the dark holes of our daily lives: blanks.

Identifying blank spots in life takes patience and careful pause.

Until the renewing face of young generation learn to appreciate potential energy, I propose terms that may catch on fire some day.
1. biomaterial recycling that do not produce so much smell
2. Beautiful decomposition

The feedback I get from the people are used to enforce more environmental actions and retaining as many people. (dan-gol) as possible. psychology popular and I hope engineering can be the initiator to get people excited but eventually have people fall back onto acknowledgement that they need to step back. Interpreting data therefore becomes a play but with some lightness to how we use the data.

Teach people to read data from others ( not all people view the connection like I do so use the analogy method to suggest!!! the data interpretation) and have people see how they make inferences on data. Provide weird but bold questions that can be asked for them to look and realize what they are hoping to see.

city as analogy.
what to do when people don’tt want to take the job that can be better. It will need to be interactive and with proper tool


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