Materials Science and Engineering

Below are frameworks I developed as I began to implement Materials Science and Engineering mindset. The significance of sharing the epiphanies is the fact that materials science is not friendly to the majority of the public although the public can most benefit from relishing in materials principles. After swimming through semesters of jargon, diagrams, and mathematical derivations, I found materials science appealing and philosophical.

  1. Sci-Fi concepts involving super-materials are filled with entrepreneurship spirit
  2. Aesthetic perfection demands quality control.
  3. Data are extracted not 100% from material under study but rather from its interaction with testing machines resulting in noticeable peaks
  4. Start a library of magnified images. The images remind us that our perception is relative and that invisibility is not absence.
  5. Miniature items must be treated with equally delicate tools and strength
  6. Appreciate small things because materials waste costs and pure chemicals are expensive
  7. Art museum, performance, and activities are less abstract and more exciting
  8. Patterns are ubiquitous especially in nature
  9. Diligently map and profile the sample so that we can compile them for analysis.
  10. Great photography skill can instantly improve the quality of image, thus the quality of documentation and measurement
  11. Discover how other people or nature use materials. Understanding their motivation and mechanism for the use helps to infer more about the materials’ application or niche.
  12. What separates organic from non-organic materials?
  13. Crumpled aluminum foil tells you “I am showing you the transmission of compression force across my lattice structure”
  14. As you take idea down to nano-size you enter a hierarchy within the nano-world
  15. Materials compatibility is important just like forming a relationship and sometimes it just takes time
  16. In the kitchen you stand wondering, “Can I resurrect the dried-out leftover spaghetti for lunch?”

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