Gardening and small triumphs

Watching the greenery grow and attributing the growth to the cup of water you’ve been pouring every morning may be the best part of keeping an indoor garden. The Styrofoam box yells “dirt!” to germ-conscious people. And carpets are best kept stain-free from the gardener’s point of view. Such thoughts come secondary when you see a container in which the soil can compactly sit in a box, much like the money you deposit in a bank.

The plants in the picture can easily join and become a part of the outside environment. Instead I bring out the plastic bags and cardboard bits I’ve been saving and feel the size of the soon-to-be-pot with quick inspection. Rigid cardboard pieces lock into the squeaky Styrofoam and plastic bags drape down the sides at a nice length. The bottom set-up looks ready to bear soil as well as water loads. I dump the earthly soil and watch out for some crumble into fluffs. Sweat and my breath mix together with the moist soil steam as I straighten my back from bending.

Prior to building the pot, each of my seedlings crawled out of an individual small yogurt container. The seedlings are not taller than my hand lengthwise but their leaves appear broader than before. Transferring them to the larger cm’s (not acres) of area was perhaps the moment I saw how much triumph there is in moving from the container that fits your size to include other’s size.  



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