United in the body of Christ

Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) Summer Camp 2017 Different activities were intended to reveal different perspectives on the motif. The scripture contains sarcasm which may be hard for middle school kids to understand. If you need clarification on the activity descriptions below, please leave a comment. Motif: “Fools” for Christ Theme: “Fools” for Christ perform sacrificial works even if the worldly views would render them “fools”. … Continue reading United in the body of Christ

Dear Technology,

Innovation is compatibility between two publicly recognized activities and the demonstrated compatibility gets attention from the community that participate in/feel attached to the activities. Baby boomer vs. millennieal. there are treatment and expectations seniors have about employees. Our work space has changed and we are in the midst of mixing things up, not solidifying, What we do the most is social media, use of language to soften people … Continue reading Dear Technology,

Research: Evidence to do better

Even prior to conducting an experiment or sample analysis, I found evidence. The evidence clearly suggested that the quality of sample analysis will be low. Though I have saved 64 (1cm x 1cm x 1cm) sugar cube pieces of my sample, I have already created a difference in sample dimension by cutting the rest into more than 300 smaller (0.5cm x 0.5cm x 0.5cm) sugar cube pieces. … Continue reading Research: Evidence to do better

Too advanced technology

Old homes can upgrade to high energy-efficient system but rising generations are quicker to respond by building out their own new green kingdom. Naming the drip irrigation system as intelligent landscape watering automation and low-flow shower and faucet heads as energy- and water-efficient appliances demonstrate that post-technology assessment shows humans overshoot their technological capabilities. a design element of a new eco-home, can be another way … Continue reading Too advanced technology

Materials Science and Engineering

Below are frameworks I developed as I began to implement Materials Science and Engineering mindset. The significance of sharing the epiphanies is the fact that materials science is not friendly to the majority of the public although the public can most benefit from relishing in materials principles. After swimming through semesters of jargon, diagrams, and mathematical derivations, I found materials science appealing and philosophical. Sci-Fi concepts involving … Continue reading Materials Science and Engineering

Gardening and small triumphs

Watching the greenery grow and attributing the growth to the cup of water you’ve been pouring every morning may be the best part of keeping an indoor garden. The Styrofoam box yells “dirt!” to germ-conscious people. And carpets are best kept stain-free from the gardener’s point of view. Such thoughts come secondary when you see a container in which the soil can compactly sit in a box, … Continue reading Gardening and small triumphs

Texture more than taste

There’s a direct path to Bibimbop from sushi (Japanese) or Kimbop( Korean). Unroll the sushi, mix them in a bowl, and drizzle red pepper paste for a finish. It amazes me that there isn’t yet a Chipotle style Bibimbop featured Korean restaurant. Ingredients are fairly easy to prepare. Why do two different food exist is a deep a question as why is there 100+ languages when they … Continue reading Texture more than taste